I am Parisa Torabi. I have studied analytical chemistry at university. A 15-year experience is the result of my work and investigation in several areas of chemistry, including pharmaceuticals, food chemistry and cosmetics. I’m passionate about chemistry and its critical impact on our lives. To share my emotion about chemistry, I have started to write about chemistry in everyday life from 2020. I believe science matters, as it plays a key role in today’s world.

Most people think that chemistry is complicated and limited only to laboratories and academia. In fact, chemistry is all around us, from endless cosmos to our food, computers, clothes and every single cell of our body.

Thus, explaining chemistry role in daily life will improve public knowledge as follows:

  • Having healthier choices about the food they buy
  • Protection of the environment
  • Developing an awareness of medicines
  • Prevention of water, soil and air pollution

Chimiaweb is a place to look at the world from the aspect of chemistry. If you are curious and eager to learn more, you are welcomed!