What Are the Advantages of Nitrogen-filled Car Tires?

What Are the Advantages of Nitrogen-filled Car Tires?

It has occurred to most of us to adjust the car’s tire pressure. Nitrogen is offered as an alternative to air for tire inflation. Here are the reasons, which make nitrogen a better choice.

▪ Nitrogen molecule is bigger than oxygen molecule, and therefore nitrogen hardly goes through the rubber and escapes from the tire.

▪ The consistent tire pressure optimizes fuel efficiency, as it reduces rolling resistance.

▪ Nitrogen is not combustible and therefore is safer.

▪ Air contains water vapor, while nitrogen is drier. Water vapor can cause corrosion inside the wheel.

▪ Water vapor also increases pressure in the tire, when it heats up. As nitrogen shows less pressure fluctuation with the change of temperature, it is used in racing to guarantee drivers safety.

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