Aflatoxins: Poisonous and Carcinogen Compounds (Part 5)

Aflatoxins: Poisonous and Carcinogen Compounds (Part 5)

Aflatoxins can occur not only in human foodstuff, but also in pet food. The incidence of aflatoxin contamination is associated with cereal grains, nuts, cheese and dry milk powder used as ingredients in commercial pet food for animals such as dogs, cats, birds and fish.

Aflatoxin poisoning poses serious health hazards to these lovely creatures. It is known to adversely affect their immune system, reproduction, appetite and weight gain. These toxic compounds have a carcinogenic effect in pets and can lead to death.

Several studies have reported aflatoxin contamination in pet food in various world regions. As a result, regulatory health organizations have determined strict limits and obliged pet food companies to control the quality of all the raw materials they use.

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